Martin Forman, MD, FAAP, Learning Specialist

"She does ok in school, but she has to work so hard."
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Prior to our session, questionnaires are provided to parent, teacher(s), and, depending on age, the student. Once completed, the questionnaire defines and illuminates both salient and subtle issues of early life history and current perceptions of strength, deficiency, and style.

Therapeutic Assessment

The testing is interactive and addresses areas including language, memory, and motor skills, as well as attention. Our three to four-hour session can be conducted at your home. Immediately following the assessment is a demystification discussion and general overview of the findings.

The following week, a detailed written report profiling your child’s pattern of learning and processing is provided. Included in the report are specific recommendations and strategies to promote a more successful educational experience. The assessment report will prioritize any special support needs, i.e. language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc., thereby allowing the family to focus on the services which provide the most benefit to the student.

In some cases, we may discuss the option of, and alternatives to, medication.


As the school year progresses, follow-up visits are encouraged each semester in order to monitor progress and reinforce strategies.